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Gear List

Rather than give a complete list of the studio equipment, here is a quick overview
of the important ingredients:

Pro Tools HD 192 recording system (Intel MAC PRO – Quad core)

Full sound to picture sync facilities catering for all broadcast, final mastering formats

Logic Pro software (Intel Mac Pro - Quad core)

An abundance of instruments, microphones, drum kits, guitars, keyboards, samplers, percussion gear, accordion and horns

Plug-in software including Spectrasonics x 3, Reason, Ivory Pianos, Vienna Symphony,
East West Composers Collection, NI Komplete, BFD2 and Waves bundles

Outboard and effects units including Avalon pre amps, Lexicon Reverbs and TC Finalizer

6 x complete SOUND FX / FOLEY Libraries, (converted to hard drive)


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