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Al (Alan) Harding
Composer / Sound Designer

Al Harding began his musical doodling transcribing The Mod Squad Theme on his
toy piano, back in the early 1970’s in Geelong, Victoria.

He went on to study music at Melbourne University in the late 1970’s majoring on
trombone and piano, graduating with a Degree in 1982.

Performing duties had humble beginnings in school bands, but this led to establishing
himself as a sought after and most adaptable multi-instrumentalist in the Melbourne
music scene - eventually leading to long stints producing, performing, and touring
(on keyboards, vocals and horns) with The Black Sorrows, The Deborah Conway
Band, Boom Crash Opera, The Stephen Cummings Band
and many other bands.

But Al knew he wasn’t an archetypical touring rock musician, when, instead of trashing
hotel rooms, he used to tidy them!

So after many years of hanging out in airport lounges and Taragos, the home-body got
stuck into tinkering in the studio from the early 1990’s onwards, composing film and
TV underscore, advertising soundtracks, and song writing / production with great
success, winning various national awards along the way. His state of the art, boutique
studio in Elsternwick - completed in 2001, is the fulfilment of a life-long dream.

Here, Al works with Logic Pro and a Pro Tools HD system. His on-going passion for
music can cause traffic chaos at times, as the car lunges to the side of the road when
an interesting chord pattern needs to be transcribed from the radio!

He has scored the USA feature film, The Heist, Halifax fp and more recently, City
and Canal Rd. for Australian TV and has composed many local and
international TV and cinema ad soundtracks, with clients including: Holden, Mazda,
Shell, Fosters, Telstra, Cadbury, and Mitsubishi.

Al has a voracious appetite for most things musical, from Radiohead, XTC, Eno, Beck,
Blur, STP, Bacharach and The Beatles; to early funk, through to modern jazz - and
then the classics, Mahler, Debussy and Stravinsky.

“There is much music to be written and fun to be had, before a meteorite comes along
and vaporises the planet.”


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